Tribute to Bob Adams

Bob Adams founded Wings Bearing Precious Seed in October of 1977. He was a pastor in Indiana who got a burden for Scripture distribution from men like Don Fraser and Carlos Demarest. This burden grew to a calling on a mission trip where Brother Adams saw the dearth of Scriptures on the foreign field. At first, a small aircraft and then a cargo Cessna U206 aircraft was used to haul Scriptures primarily into Central America. After a decade of flying and some health problems, God led Brother Adams to continue the work of distribution, though without a plane.


For awhile, the “warehouse” was a truck trailer and shipments grew from boxes to pallets. In 1999, the first container was shipped with many more to follow. The truck trailer soon became inadequate and a warehouse was used in Tennessee for several years before being moved to its current location in Georgia. In 2012, Wings Bearing Precious Seed celebrated 35 years of ministry having shipped millions of scriptures in over 50 languages to over 115 countries around the world.


Bob Adams passed away on Friday, December 21st, 2012. While we were grieved by his departure we are glad to know his suffering is over and that he is with his blessed Saviour! We praise the Lord for how He used Bob Adams' faith, faithfulness, and fervour for the word of God and the blood of the Lamb! Only eternity will reveal the full impact he made for the cause of Christ and the glory of God. May we follow his example and be steadfast in our commitment to God and His word.

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