Reaching Them Too in '22!

Reaching Them Too in '22

Our theme this year is Reaching Them Too in '22. In Ezra 7:25 we read, "all such as know the laws of thy God; and teach ye them that know them not." We want to reach them that know not the word of God too!


Our goal is to ship 22 million Scriptures to 22 nations on all continents, as God enables. Remember, there are millions still in darkness waiting for God's word. Let's reach them too!


Our mission is to bring global glory to God by:

Sowing the Scriptures
Serving the Church
Sharing the Gospel

Join us on one of our upcoming mission trips. In 2023 we have trips planned to Zambia, Peru, and Brazil...

Give so others may receive the precious word of God, fruit may be added to your account, and God may be glorified.

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What we do...